Interface ICategorizableChannel

All Superinterfaces:
Channel, Comparable<GuildChannel>, Formattable, GuildChannel, IMentionable, IPermissionContainer, IPositionableChannel, ISnowflake
All Known Subinterfaces:
AudioChannel, AudioChannelUnion, DefaultGuildChannelUnion, ForumChannel, MediaChannel, NewsChannel, StageChannel, StandardGuildChannel, StandardGuildMessageChannel, TextChannel, VoiceChannel

public interface ICategorizableChannel extends GuildChannel, IPermissionContainer, IPositionableChannel
Represents a channel that can be a member of a Category. Channels represented by this interface can have a parent Category.
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  • Method Details

    • getManager

      Description copied from interface: GuildChannel
      Returns the ChannelManager for this GuildChannel.
      In the ChannelManager, you can modify the name, topic and position of this GuildChannel. You modify multiple fields in one request by chaining setters before calling RestAction.queue().
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface GuildChannel
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface IPermissionContainer
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface IPositionableChannel
      The ChannelManager of this GuildChannel
    • getPositionInCategory

      default int getPositionInCategory()
      Computes the relative position of this channel in the parent category.
      This is effectively the same as getParentCategory().getChannels().indexOf(channel).
      The relative position in the parent category, or -1 if no parent is set
    • getParentCategoryIdLong

      long getParentCategoryIdLong()
      Get the snowflake of the Category that contains this channel.

      This will return 0 if this channel doesn't have a parent category.

      The Discord ID snowflake of the parent channel as a long.
    • getParentCategoryId

      @Nullable default String getParentCategoryId()
      Get the snowflake of the Category that contains this channel.

      This will return null if this channel doesn't have a parent category.

      Possibly-null String representation of the Discord ID snowflake of the parent channel.
    • getParentCategory

      @Nullable default Category getParentCategory()
      Parent Category of this GuildChannel. Channels don't need to have a parent Category.
      Note that a Category will always return null for this method as nested categories are not supported.
      Possibly-null Category for this GuildChannel
    • isSynced

      boolean isSynced()
      Whether or not this GuildChannel's PermissionOverrides match those of its parent category. If the channel doesn't have a parent category, this will return true.

      This requires CacheFlag.MEMBER_OVERRIDES to be enabled.
      createLight(String) disables this CacheFlag by default.

      True, if this channel is synced with its parent category