Interface AudioChannel

All Superinterfaces:
Channel, Comparable<GuildChannel>, Formattable, GuildChannel, ICategorizableChannel, ICopyableChannel, IInviteContainer, IMemberContainer, IMentionable, IPermissionContainer, IPositionableChannel, ISnowflake, StandardGuildChannel
All Known Subinterfaces:
AudioChannelUnion, StageChannel, VoiceChannel

public interface AudioChannel extends StandardGuildChannel
Represents a Guild Channel that is capable of handling audio.
This is a StandardGuildChannel that contains additional methods present for audio channels
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  • Method Details

    • getManager

      @Nonnull AudioChannelManager<?,?> getManager()
      Description copied from interface: GuildChannel
      Returns the ChannelManager for this GuildChannel.
      In the ChannelManager, you can modify the name, topic and position of this GuildChannel. You modify multiple fields in one request by chaining setters before calling RestAction.queue().
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface GuildChannel
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface ICategorizableChannel
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface IPermissionContainer
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface IPositionableChannel
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface StandardGuildChannel
      The ChannelManager of this GuildChannel
    • getBitrate

      int getBitrate()
      The audio bitrate of the voice audio that is transmitted in this channel. While higher bitrates can be sent to this channel, it will be scaled down by the client.
      Default and recommended value is 64000
      The audio bitrate of this audio channel.
    • getUserLimit

      int getUserLimit()
      The maximum amount of Members that be in an audio connection within this channel concurrently.
      Returns 0 if there is no limit.

      Moderators with the VOICE_MOVE_OTHERS permission can bypass this limit.

      The maximum connections allowed in this channel concurrently
    • getRegion

      @Nonnull default Region getRegion()
      The Region of this channel.
      This will return Region.AUTOMATIC if the region of this channel is set to Automatic.
      the Region of this channel.
    • getRegionRaw

      @Nullable String getRegionRaw()
      The raw region name for this channel.
      This will return null if the region is set to Automatic.
      Raw region name, or null if the region is set to automatic.