Class MessageReaction


public class MessageReaction extends Object
An object representing a single MessageReaction from Discord. This is an immutable object and is not updated by method calls or changes in Discord. A new snapshot instance built from Discord is needed to see changes.
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    • MessageReaction

      public MessageReaction(@Nonnull JDA jda, @Nullable MessageChannel channel, @Nonnull EmojiUnion emoji, long channelId, long messageId, boolean[] self, int[] counts)
      Creates a new MessageReaction instance
      channel - The MessageChannel this Reaction was used in
      emoji - The Emoji that was used
      channelId - The channel id for this reaction
      messageId - The message id this reaction is attached to
      self - Whether we already reacted with this Reaction, as an array of [normal, super]
      counts - The amount of people that reacted with this Reaction, as an array of [total, normal, super]
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