Class UserAudio


public class UserAudio extends Object
Represents a packet of User specific audio.
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    • getUser

      @Nonnull public User getUser()
      The User that provided the audio data.
      Never-null User object.
    • getAudioData

      @Nonnull public byte[] getAudioData(double volume)
      Provides 20 Milliseconds of combined audio data in 48KHz 16bit stereo signed BigEndian PCM.
      Format defined by: AudioReceiveHandler.OUTPUT_FORMAT.

      The output volume of the data can be modified by the provided `volume` parameter. `1.0` is considered to be 100% volume.
      Going above `1.0` can increase the volume further, but you run the risk of audio distortion.

      volume - Value used to modify the "volume" of the returned audio data. 1.0 is normal volume.
      Never-null byte array of PCM data defined by AudioReceiveHandler.OUTPUT_FORMAT