Class AudioNatives


public final class AudioNatives extends Object
Controller used by JDA to ensure the native binaries for opus en-/decoding are available.
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  • Method Details

    • isAudioSupported

      public static boolean isAudioSupported()
      Whether the opus library is loaded or not.
      This is initialized by the first call to ensureOpus().
      True, opus library is loaded.
    • isInitialized

      public static boolean isInitialized()
      Whether this class was already initialized or not.
      True, if this class was already initialized.
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    • ensureOpus

      public static boolean ensureOpus()
      Checks whether the opus binary was loaded, if not it will be initialized here.
      This is used by JDA to check at runtime whether the opus library is available or not.
      True, if the library could be loaded.